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Tips for Removing Auto Window Tinting


Jul 17, 2023

Window tinting has become one of the most popular after-market enhancements for automobiles today. Everyone from avid car enthusiasts to business owners looking to save money have woken up to the myriad benefits of window tinting. Nevertheless, there are times when tinting needs to be removed. This can happen for any number of reasons. Someone who buys a car out of state may get it to their home state and realize the tinting does not meet their local laws. A car ppf company with its logo or contact details and, down the road, needs to change them. It could also simply be that an owner has decided the tinting is looking old and they want to upgrade the film or simply remove it altogether. Whatever the reason, the removal of tinting film poses its own challenges which should be considered closely.

Many people, especially auto enthusiasts, welcome the opportunity for Do It Yourself projects. Tinting removal can be considered a DIY project but should only be undertaken by someone familiar with the process and who possesses a fair amount of patience and attention to detail. The trick to removing film is the use of heat. Generally speaking, trying to remove the film yourself will take several hours and should be done on a bright and sunny day. Be sure to cover the interior of you car with a tarp in order to prevent liquid from staining your seats, carpeting or any other area. Spray the outside of the window with soapy water and cover with a piece of black garbage bag cut to fit the window. Internally, spray with ammonia and cover as well. This is then left to sit out in the sun for about an hour. With this approach the sun itself supplies the heat and, ideally, you should be able to peel away both the tinting film and the adhesive beneath it at the same time. Heat guns are sold by many automotive stores and these guns are used by professionals to remove tinting film. But even with the use of a heat gun it’s important to remember to move slowly and deliberately so that the film removal is even. If you begin to peel away the film and it tears you may end up in a situation where you will need to literally scrape pieces away with the use of a razor blade which increases the chances of scratching or otherwise harming your windows.

Professionals specializing in window tinting are generally the better choice when it comes to removal. They are equipped not only with specialized heat guns as well as the tools necessary to remove the film cleanly, they also come backed with years of experience so even if something goes wrong, they know how to handle it. More importantly, if you decide to upgrade your tint they may be able to offer a discount for the removal work when done in conjunction with an upgrade or change in film. The work done by professionals is often guaranteed and this adds an extra level of security and confidence as well.

While many projects can be done by a car enthusiast with time and patience, window tint removal is something that should be considered carefully. Because of the nature of the film as well as the methods used to remove it, the windows themselves can be put at great risk if the job isn’t done properly. The scratches or other damage which can be inflicted during the process can actually result in a repair bill that exceeds the original cost of removal. Enlisting the help of a car window tinting professional will ensure the best results and a guarantee of quality.

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