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Retro Reimagined: Iconic Sunglass Collection


Oct 12, 2023

“Retro Reimagined: Iconic Sunglass Collection” is an immersive and visually stunning exhibition that invites visitors to step back in time while embracing the resurgence of vintage eyewear in contemporary fashion. Expertly curated by acclaimed fashion historian, David Foster, this collection showcases iconic sunglasses from the past and their enduring influence on today’s styles.

The exhibition commences with a nod to the mid-20th century, featuring the timeless frames of the 1950s and 1960s. Cat-eye sunglasses and oversized frames, symbols of glamour and artistic expression, are at the forefront, reminding visitors of a time when eyewear became a powerful statement of personal style.

As guests navigate through the exhibit, they’ll encounter the bold and audacious styles of the 1970s and 1980s. Aviator sunglasses, mirrored lenses, and chunky frames that were vintage frames emblematic of those decades have made a triumphant return, capturing the essence of retro chic in the 21st century.

One of the exhibition’s highlights is a showcase of sunglasses worn by renowned figures, underlining the profound connection between eyewear and iconic fashion figures.

The collection also delves into the advanced materials and lens technologies that have allowed vintage designs to blend seamlessly with modern comfort and eye protection. “Retro Reimagined” celebrates the cyclical nature of fashion, demonstrating that classic styles have an enduring influence, and they continue to shape the world of fashion.

Visitors will leave the exhibition with an enriched understanding of the historical significance and lasting charm of these iconic accessories. “Retro Reimagined: Iconic Sunglass Collection” is a tribute to the perpetual allure of vintage eyewear and its profound impact on the world of style and fashion.

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