March 29, 2023

During this credit crunch time, “I want to sell my house” is the cry of many a householder for various reasons. Whether your wanting to move to a bigger, or smaller house, if you’re relocating, or if you have mortgage arrears that are spiraling our of control, selling your house is going to be a major part of seeing your goal realized.

Having spoken with a number of estate agents and property buyers, including estate agents in London, here are the main points you want to consider when its time to sell your house:

1. Determine where you want to go. What’s you’re ultimate goal in houses for sell in missouri? What will you achieve by selling the house? It always helps to write this down and have it in a prominent position in your home, so you are reminded of your goal. Determining what this goal is will also help you decide how much you need from the house sale to achieve your goal. “Sell my house for the highest price I can get ” is not really a goal because even if you get the highest price for the property, will that help you achieve your goal? How much do you really need from the sale of the house?

2. Get your house valued. This will help you determine How much you can reasonably expect from the sale of your house in the current climate. In this current “credit crunch” environment get 4 maybe even 5 estate agent valuations. This is because house values can fluctuate with each agent, so you want to get a good idea of the average price you can expect to sell at. Do your own research by talking to your neighours, either those who are selling, or those who have moved into your immediate area, and ask them what value was placed on their house.

3. Determine the right estate agent to work with. You need to work with an estate agent who is going to be proactive in selling your house. He or she will need to be looking for people who want to buy houses like yours, and this will mean you discussing your requirements with them. If the estate agent knows what you need to achieve, he can try to find buyers that meet that criteria.

4. Make your house presentable! First impressions are key to a successful house sale. You may need to spend some money in making your house “look nice” for a potential buyer, but you should certainly make the effort in terms of “elbow grease”. This will include giving some areas a lick of paint to make areas more clean looking, decluttering flat surfaces like shelves and cupboards, and ensuring that each room has an air of spaciousness about it. Give high priority to your front garden or balcony, if you have one. Even before a prospective buyer sets foot over the threshold of you door, they will have made a buying decision based on the impression given at the front of your property. Probably the best way to prepare is to go around the house, making a list of all the things that would turn you off buying the house. Then plan for a seven to ten day clean up, dealing with all the areas that you can manage. This will make a significant improvement on your ability to sell your house, and the price that you will get for it.


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