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Enhance Your Flower Garden With Garden Edging


Jul 26, 2023

So, you’ve got your flower garden set up. You’ve planted the flowers, some perennials here, a few annuals there. You’ve added a gazing ball, a bench, and some other accent pieces to help make your garden unique. But you’re still missing one thing. You’re missing the edging around the garden.

The edging around your garden is almost as important as the flowers. Just like a frame on a picture, proper edging will enhance the appearance of the garden. Edging will set your garden apart from the rest of the lawn. Proper edging will bring out the beauty of your garden, and turn it into a work of art.

Several different types of edging are available for your garden. You need to decide which one best fits your garden. A low brick or rock wall, held together with mortar is a popular type of Garden edging. It creates a solid, permanent edge to define your garden. But you may or may not have the money to do this, or you may want a less permanent edging.

Lining up bricks or rocks without mortar is another popular method of edging your garden. If you choose bricks, you can line them up, stack them in a low wall, or set them diagonally, leaning against each other. You can use rocks in the same way, simply lined up or stacked along the edge of the garden. Obviously, the rocks will need to be small enough to move, but large enough to have an impact. Many times, you’ll find rocks while you’re digging up the garden, or doing other landscaping projects. Or you can find them in a friends yard, or a vacant lot. If you get them someplace other than your own yard, just make sure you have permission to take the rocks.

Your local home improvement or garden store will have a wide array of edging products. They have plastic edging that can be placed vertically into the ground to provide a simple border. There are miniature fences, landscaping timbers, artificial rock borders, and more. Browse around, and see what will look good around your garden. If you choose any of these edges, be sure that they are of good quality, and will last for several seasons. You don’t want to be replacing your edging every year!

Border plants are also a good option. You’ll probably want perennials, like alpine phlox. You’ll want a low growing plant that you can divide and plant again each spring, so that you won’t have to buy new plants and replant every year, as you would with annuals. Check the amount of sun that the garden will be getting, and choose plants that will tolerate your climate, and the amount of sun received.

Comfrey is a good choice for an edging plant for a large garden. The thick growth will prevent grass from creeping in on your garden. The leaves can also be used for mulch when they fall. The flowers will add some visual interest to the garden as well. Small gardens will be overwhelmed by the comfrey, so it would only be suitable for large gardens.

Strawberries or herbs are also a good choice for edging a garden. If you plant herbs, you can also use them in cooking. Just snip off whatever you need, and you’ll have fresh herbs for your meal.

Whether you choose plants, rocks, bricks, or edging from the store, the proper edging will provide a suitable frame, to enhance and show off the masterpiece that is your flower garden.

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