March 29, 2023

1. You should make sure that the Drywall Contractor near me┬ápanels are accurately attached to the support structure. Use long sturdy nails, even two sets of nails, so that the panels are well secured to the structure. Make sure the nail heads are embedded in the panels so that it is easy to cover them with compound. Be careful when you nail so that you don’t accidentally hit the panel and causes dents. If you do, you will still be able to conceal it with joint compound fill.

2. The two types of tape you can use on the drywall are fiberglass-mesh tape and paper tape. Because it has its own adhesive, you can put fiberglass mesh tape directly on the drywall. The paper tape is placed over the joint compound.

3. The two types of drywall compound you can use are either powdered that you mix yourself, or a premixed container. Premixed is much easier to use as it allows you to place a consistent material that is not too thick or too loose. When you stir the mixture, do not stir it too much to avoid getting air bubbles on the covered joints.

4. The small section between the drywall will create a compression. To create a smooth and even surface that matches the rest of the panels, you have to apply the mixture over the compression or joint. First, spread a thin layer over the area and lay the tape over it. Make sure it is smooth and not over lapping. One you have it even and smooth, apply a second thin layer over the taped surface. Smooth it while making sure there are not tape pieces sticking up. You have to repeat this application for each joint. Apply it using a trowel or drywall knife. Then, leave it to dry. It is better if you let it dry over night. After it dries, you can gently sand the area so it is smooth and even with the rest of the panel. Make sure there are no compound dust particles remaining. As well, wear a mask when you are sanding so you do not inhale any particles. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can apply another thin layer and repeat the process.

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