March 29, 2023

These helpful hints will help get your home sold quickly.

1. Organize your home. Old newspapers and periodicals need to be thrown out. Put away personal items, such as knick knacks and pictures. You can make your closet space look larger by keeping them organized and storing away any extra clothes. Also keep your garage neat and organized. Keep your home as neat as possible and keep personal items to a minimum. This way prospective buyers can imagine themselves living in the house.

2. Let the sun shine in. Clean the windows both inside and out. Clean window screens as well. Deep in mind that a dark and dingy home is not attractive to buyers.

3. Clean it up. Clean out all the nooks and corners. Clean the light switch panels and wipe the dust off of the baseboards. Appliances,  hunting property for sale in missouri carpets and floors should all be cleaned up. Buyers will have a better first impression if the home is neat and tidy.

4. Brighten it up. Use higher wattage light bulbs all over the house, especially in closets and dark corners. Make sure all the lights are on when showing the home.

5. Fix it up. Don’t forget the home will be inspected and any problems it has, even if they seem small, will be pointed out. Leaky faucets, doors that don’t open or shut correctly and other problems that might give buyers the wrong impression of the home, should be fixed.

6. Check out the curb appeal. Keep your yard cleaned and grass mowed. Flower pots, set out in front of the home, with cheery, bright flowers will attract attention.

7. Fix all chips or cracks in your driveway.

8. Keep gutters free of debris.

9. Clean and shiny door numbers and doorknobs are a good idea. Replace them if necessary.

10. Make sure your home has a pleasant odor. Get rid of any unattractive odors such as pet smells and smoke by keeping your carpeting and drapes clean. New carpet may be a good investment as it will help raise the value of your home. Keep in mind that interested buyers can be very turned off by bad odors.

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